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In today’s always-on business environment, we understand there is no time for downtime. Completing your project on-time and on-budget is of paramount importance. Our intentional approach provides a level of certainty unmatched in our industry, and end results that meet even the most stringent demands.

Your Challenges. Our Mission.

We’re driven to be a total-solutions partner, with the end goal being your complete satisfaction. Whether assisting with complex BIM coordination, integrating full electrical and mechanical systems, or providing commissioning support in the factory and field, we match our expertise to every challenge.

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Onsite man hours eliminated by shifting your project scope offsite.

Core Differentiators


We’re able to rapidly adapt to the needs of our customers and develop the right solutions.


MPS offers complete solutions, incorporating power, HVAC, life safety, and more.


MPS consistently delivers confidence-building predictability in quality, cost, and scheduling.

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Offsite Manufacturing

Ensures pricing certainty and mitigates unforeseen costs.


We’re not an everything-to-everyone type of provider. Instead, we focus on industry sectors where we have extensive experience and proven results.

Data Centers








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Keeping Our Cool

Work performed in a climate controlled environment keeps projects on schedule.


“MPS is excellent to work with, a well-managed business with vision and knowledge. PTMW has been privileged to partner with MPS on many projects, and greatly values the partnership. We look forward to more joint ventures.”
Tim Lancaster
Director of Specialized Products, PTMW
“MPS continues to impress and continues to show their worth as a true partner, and they do so when it truly counts. They did not hesitate to increase manpower and cut down on production times to meet shortened schedules on several notable projects. They did this without my organization even having to ask. It’s apparent that they know how to navigate the constant challenges in the world of construction. They just get it!”
Confidential Data Center Customer
“MPS is more than a customer, they are truly a partner. This group has truly mastered what it takes to be successful. Every sector of the organization works together to accomplish their business goals. MPS understands the industry and I am thankful to be included in the continual growth!”
Landon Cowser
Summit Electrical Supply
“Coming from the field to modular production has been an exciting transition. I have had the pleasure of seeing the savings in cost, build time and schedules all with attention to detail and quality control. When challenges arise, I’m always encouraged by the way we handle those opportunities for growth at Modular Power Solutions.”
Tina Smith
Project Manager

Full Service.

We manufacture complex systems, including standard skid-based solutions for interior building deployment, and fully weatherproof environmental enclosures for stand-alone applications.

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