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Our goal is to bring our expertise to bear during the entire lifecycle of your project. This ensures that our eyes are on every step of the process, and nothing is overlooked. While most of our clients partner with us in this way, we are also quite adept at stepping in at any point to help you succeed.

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Strategic thinking and insights that help drive initial design and configuration.


Product Design & Development

Formulation and design of detailed product renderings.


Manufacturing & Integration

Actual assembly of the product or system.



Includes pre-functional startup, load testing and NETA testing.


Site Receiving & Installation

Receiving- transportation, rigging and anchoring of systems. Installation - onsite integration of kitted assemblies.


Start-up/ Commissioning Support

Level of support is dictated by the client, and tailored to their requirements.


Program Management

Full-scope management results in the best systems, with the least constraints. Includes design, sourcing, building, and scheduling.


“MPS is excellent to work with, a well-managed business with vision and knowledge. PTMW has been privileged to partner with MPS on many projects, and greatly values the partnership. We look forward to more joint ventures.”
Tim Lancaster
Director of Specialized Products, PTMW
“MPS continues to impress and continues to show their worth as a true partner, and they do so when it truly counts. They did not hesitate to increase manpower and cut down on production times to meet shortened schedules on several notable projects. They did this without my organization even having to ask. It’s apparent that they know how to navigate the constant challenges in the world of construction. They just get it!”
Confidential Data Center Customer
“MPS is more than a customer, they are truly a partner. This group has truly mastered what it takes to be successful. Every sector of the organization works together to accomplish their business goals. MPS understands the industry and I am thankful to be included in the continual growth!”
Landon Cowser
Summit Electrical Supply
“Coming from the field to modular production has been an exciting transition. I have had the pleasure of seeing the savings in cost, build time and schedules all with attention to detail and quality control. When challenges arise, I’m always encouraged by the way we handle those opportunities for growth at Modular Power Solutions.”
Tina Smith
Project Manager

Case Studies

Mexico, Sterling, VA, San Jose, CA
Numerous Locations
Numerous Locations
Sterling, VA (7 units)
Phoenix, AZ (8 units) / Salt Lake City, UT (4 units)


1200A, 15kV Environmental Enclosure
18’W x 36’L x 12’-6”H


Double-wide enclosure to support large data center infrastructure

Tactics Employed

This product required precision installation to account for the leveling of the porcelain GIS bus from Schneider Electric MV gear. Combined with a cable plenum and raised floor, these units have redundant cooling vs. chilled water heat pumps, and are fully integrated stand-alone buildings.

Lessons Learned

Although the feeder scope is reduced, there is significant labor savings in dealing with testing and controls in the factory vs. the field. These enclosures save weeks on site and allow for a very controlled environment for critical equipment.


2.0 MW Interior UPS skid
8.5’ x 22’


40+ units deployed / RAF and Overhead Product

Tactics Employed

Project focus related to footprint and logistics for moving into deeper interior spaces. The design allowed for 80% of the work to be performed outside of the critical path of receiving equipment. This project represented a step into buy vs. build, which takes traditional trade work and shifts it to another subcontractor’s scope of work.

Lessons Learned

Incorporate everything possible into the factory rather than the field. These products have several vendor-installed components that are done at startup, but can easily be installed and tested prior to shipping. This helps avoid issues with parts getting lost offsite, and saves time if anything goes wrong.


2.0 MW Interior UPS skid
10’ x 40’


100+ units deployed

Tactics Employed

This project required a focus on scalable blocks and logistics. The product was deployed in seven states, with no issues. Having a fully-developed product block for the site team to coordinate around simplified the entire effort.

Lessons Learned

Scope touch points are critical. This has an RAF surrounding it, so the details can make or break success on site. Spending extra time coordinating those points saves a lot of panic later in the project.


2.4MW UPS Environmental Enclosure
24’ x 42’


N+1 HVAC via Chilled Water CRAH and WSHP

Tactics Employed

The manufacturing team was engaged prior to design being completed for this site, along with two others. As each room was developed, the site teams coordinated around receiving the completed buildings.

Lessons Learned

Site logistics can cripple the plan if not addressed early in the process. Key elements such as crane and rigging paths, and related plans, are critical when using large-scale offsite methods.


2.0MW UPS Environmental Enclosure
20’ x 50’



Tactics Employed

This project had a very short schedule, and entailed working out of sequence. Most of the components were assembled prior to equipment being received, to accommodate rapid assembly.

Lessons Learned

On shorter-duration project implementations, coordination with the site becomes critical. There were existing conditions that had to be accounted for in order to execute a proper offsite plan. This reinforces the DFMA mentality, and why it is so critical to design the site to the product, rather than the product to the site.

Full System

When designing your system, we take a global view of the entire process and every possible component.

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