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To say we like to build things sounds cliché, but it really is what drives us. The desire to build lasting and mutually beneficial client relationships begins at the very top of our organization and is embodied by our entire team.

Simon Harkins has provided design and construction services to some of the largest data center providers in the world, utilizing both traditional and offsite approaches. As Managing Director of MPS, he is instrumental in guiding business direction and maintaining focus on quality, value, and the customer experience. Prior to his current role, Simon was Head of Product Development at MPS, focusing on offsite construction and the development of new modular products. He also served as Technical Director for a modular data center manufacturing company, and as a Mission Critical Program Manager for a large electrical contractor. During this time, he was involved with billions of dollars in master site planning, program development, and preconstruction in various regions of the United States.

Alec Overn joined MPS in 2019, and is responsible for all business development activities including planning strategies for targeted regions and industries. Utilizing a data-driven and detail-oriented approach, she provides advice to potential customers and partners, serves as a liaison, and assists in contract execution. Prior to her role at MPS, Alec was a senior business insights analyst for a top consumer packaged goods broker, where she leveraged syndicated data to provide the basis for decision making across retail channels.

Mike Sweet joined MPS in 2013, following nine years of experience as a consulting engineer and project manager. He also served as an owner’s representative for a large data center developer, acting as the point person for design, construction, scheduling, and commissioning. This experience provided an invaluable understanding of customer’ needs, and what the phrase “complete product” really means. After joining MPS, Mike stepped into the Product Manager position, where he played a key role in product development and implementation. He worked closely with factory, design, and project management teams to improve processes and product delivery. In 2020, Mike was promoted to Director of Product Development and is now in charge of shop drawing production, customer design interface, BIM, drawing quality control, and product development.

Alex Fisher joined the MPS team in 2024 as Senior Director of Operations.

Antwaun manages factory production, quality, and the onsite commissioning support team. His focus is on helping to redefine the scope of product delivery, and increase value to customers. Prior to MPS, he served as a mission-critical QA/QC/Cx Manager for Rosendin Electric, and has also worked as a Journeyman Wireman. Antwaun joined the IBEW LU 24 JATC apprenticeship program in 2000.

Matt Hall has over 35 years of extensive experience in the construction industry. He has spent his career managing budgets for million-dollar contracts, along with managing major purchases, subcontractors, and construction schedules. He manages the overall production and building of our biggest projects. He has experience in design, layout, prefabrication, value engineering, estimating, scheduling, and contracts. Matt’s skills and years of experience ensure that our projects are crafted and produced seamlessly.

Aaron Wiser is a hands-on muti-site operations executive. He has years of experience in manufacturing and operations leadership, along with production planning, distribution, and warehousing. Before joining the team here at MPS, Aaron gained experience as an operations manager and director of operations for many companies. He lead 1,200+ employees at the two largest North American sites for Amazon. Aaron also launched two new product lines in 2020 at Amazon’s DFW5 and improved productivity 67%, which resulted in a national network annual savings of $3.1 million. With his impressive background Aaron now manages our manufacturing, coordinates, plans, and directs all activities that go into the production process.

As Safety Manager, Orrin manages more than 100 employees and multiple buildings. He maintains certifications and training, while simultaneously driving a positive and productive safety culture. Orrin has been an STSC-Certified Safety Coordinator for MPS since 2016, and has been intimately involved in setting switchgear and electrical skid construction.

Marshall Giasson joined the MPS team in 2019.  He currently manages the inventory, ordering, maintenance, repairs, transfer, testing and documentation of thousands of tools and supplies across our 3 manufacturing locations.

Robert began his career at MPS as a wireman through Local 20, achieving his Journeyman and Master Electrical licenses. With several years of experience in all MPS product solutions, he was brought on to lead and eventually manage Quality Control. Robert has a deep understanding of QC programs, and his attention to detail helps to ensure that all MPS solutions are smoothly and precisely delivered to our clients.

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