Why MPS?


Modularity is the unitization of a solution. Modular Power Solutions (MPS) seeks to unitize each client’s unique data center solution into a repeatable and well-defined process. Modularizing data center components permits control over three primary variables: (1) Cost (2) Quality and (3) Schedule. Modularity is NOT a containerized solution. Modularity is NOT a commodity. Modularity is NOT expensive.

Economic Efficiency

The challenge today is to deliver extreme flexibility at the most economical price point. Ask most owners and operators and they will tell you the bottom line is they are tasked to optimize their data centers and save money while doing so. The economic benefits of modularity are primarily in the area of capital expense since unneeded equipment is not purchased until needed, thus reducing additional operating expenses. Modularity reduces the time to install and build onsite to days instead of weeks or months, removing labor costs from the project.

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